Wakeup Portal

A 24/7 PC wake up and remote connection solution for employees and IT teams.

Enabling PC power savings should not cripple your end-users’ ability to connect from home / remote location or your IT team from performing maintenance activities.
PowerPlug Wake Up Portal enables each end-user to securely wake up and connect to their office computer in a click of a button.
IT staff have extensive abilities allowing them to wake up multiple computers for their day-to-day and off-hours activities.

PowerPlug Wake Up Portal:

  • Secure PC Wake Up and Remote Connection at a click of a button
  • Wake Up from any power state – Sleep / Hibernate or Shutdown
  • Automatic matching of end-users with their work computers – saves the hustle from the IT staff
  • Patented Wake-On-LAN MESH technology allows waking up every PC on the corporate network,
    across different subnets, without compromising security or make any change to the network settings