PowerPlug Pro

The most effective PC power-management platform for cutting electricity costs by up to 60%!

PowerPlug Pro is a highly effective and simple to implement PC power-management solution for medium to large organizations. With the capability to manage and monitor the energy consumption of up to tens of thousands of PCs, PowerPlug Pro leads to tremendous energy conservation without affecting employee productivity or disrupting day-to-day IT operations.

  • IT defined Power-saving policies optimized for each computer group
  • Ability to define the exact conditions in which a computer will enter power savings mode to maximize saving while safe-guarding end-user productivity
  • On-demand and scheduled computer wake up enable end-user remote connection and IT off-hours maintenance tasks
  • Connectivity with external systems – Active Directory, Microsoft SCCM, Employee Attendance system and more, facilitate management and extend the system abilities
  • Extensive out-of-the-box reports on power consumption, savings potential, actual savings achieved, carbon footprint reduction and much more
  • Enhance network data security for both outside attacks and in-house misuse by de-activating and disconnecting computers from the network while they are not in use
  • The only solution on the market that is self-calibrating for true power consumption measurement using PowerPlug Power Meter
  • Lower Organizational CO2 emissions
  • Flexible licensing model

With PowerPlug Pro, you can see return on investment in as few as three months! It’s that simple!