PC Power Saving Plans & Configurations

Every company has different needs and unique work patterns. For this reason, PowerPlug Pro enables administrators to easily tailor and optimize a PC power saving plan that will fit their organization like a glove.

Administrators can apply multiple power plans to different groups of PCs. In addition, as opposed to Windows native power-saving feature, PowerPlug Pro differentiates between working hours and non-working hours. On the one hand, the ability to make this distinction allows for greater savings since more aggressive power-saving rules can be applied after working hours. On the other hand, since more lenient conditions can be applied during the working hours, employees are not disrupted and productivity is not affected.

Download the User Guide for more details on configuring and managing the power savings plan.

PowerPlug PC Power Saving Solutions & Plans

Real-time PC Management

Another benefit of PowerPlug Pro is that it automatically synchronizes with the Active Directory and enables administrators to easily manage and monitor PCs with installed agents in real time. Using this real-time functionality, admins can restart or shut down PCs, as well as manually wake them up or switch them into standby mode.

PowerPlug Real Time PC Power Saving Solutions


PowerPlug Pro reports help administrators to: 1) Put together a customized power savings plan after the learning phase, 2) Track the savings on an ongoing basis, and 3) Further optimize the savings plan.

The reports are easy to generate and comprehend. Some common reports include:

  • Potential Power Savings
  • Power Savings Monthly Summary
  • Actual Power Savings
  • Emissions and Environmental Impact
  • Savings Analysis
  • Moreā€¦

PowerPlug PC Power Saving Reports