Getting Started

PowerPlug’s product design and development teams went to great lengths to make the platform

smart, yet simple. From installation to full implementation, with PowerPlug Pro you can expect

to see results and business energy cost reduction within two weeks, by following three steps:


1 Installation

The platform comprises three basic components: 1) real or virtual server, 2) SQL database, and 3) agents on the end-user PCs. To keep communication simple, PowerPlug Pro uses standard Http:// and Https:// protocols. The agent distribution can be performed manually, via existing distribution software, such as SCCM, or though the PowerPlug Pro’s installed console.

From server installation to agent distribution, the entire process takes only two to three hours.

To learn more, download our Installation Guide

2 Create a Baseline

Once the agents are installed on the PCs, the platform monitors the behavior and work patterns of each of the PCs. It collects the necessary data and stores it in the SQL database.

For optimal savings, we recommend a learning phase of two weeks.

3 Power Plan Implementation

Using the data collected during the learning phase, some reports are generated to help define the policies for the optimal power savings plan. The initial power plan can be put together in a matter of two to three hours. Gradual implementation can then commence, during which time the results are examined and the plan can be further adjusted and optimized.

It takes an average of two weeks, from start to full implementation of the power plan.

To learn more, download the User Guide.