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השינויים הצפויים בתעריפי החשמל ב- 2022

בעקבות השינויים במחירי ייצור האנרגיה בשנים האחרונות, רשות החשמל תפרסם עדכון של מקבצי שעות הביקוש לחשמל (“מש”בים”). איך זה ישפיע עלינו? והאם נוכל לנצל זאת לטובתנו?

Carbon Footprint: What Is It & Why Should Businesses Care?

Our ecological awareness as a global community has been steadily growing over recent decades. In the early 1990’s the term “ecological footprint” was coined, measuring the impact our actions have on Earth’s ecosystems, and from it came the “carbon footprint”. Carbon footprint refers more specifically to the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the…
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Top Five Green Tech Solutions to Implement During 2016

Sustainability and green tech solutions are not just buzz words or a passing fad, in recent years the awareness of echo-friendly sustainable efforts on behalf of the corporate world have become common, and even mandatory, practice. Large companies and corporations have many areas in which they can demonstrate environmental awareness and practice green…
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Who Should Be Using Network PC Power Management?

Network PC Power Management should be a top priority for any large scale organization with a network of 200 computers or more – it’s not only imperative for monetary reasons, potentially saving thousands of Dollars annually on electricity costs (and more, depending on the size of the network), but it’s also an important…
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The Real Benefits of Centralized PC Power Management

If you work at a company that has over 200 PCs, you may be familiar with those IT emails saying “please don’t turn off your computers tonight, we’ll be performing a scheduled maintenance…” or “this is a reminder to please shut down your computers before vacation leave…” Managing a network of hundreds of…
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