Case Studies

Rambam Healthcare Campus Reaches Full ROI Within 4 Months

Rambam Healthcare Campus achieves a full return on investment (ROI) in less than 4 months of using PowerPlug Pro for PC Power Management. PowerPlug Pro yields annual, repeatable savings of more than $80,000 at Rambam. Rambam Healthcare Campus has implemented PowerPlug Pro, a leading PC power management solution, on more than 2,000 of…
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BGU Cuts PC Power Costs by Over 50% with PowerPlug Pro

Ben Gurion University, Israel’s 4th largest university, used PowerPlug Pro to cut PC power costs by over 50%. A leader in developing and implementing green technologies, when Ben Gurion University (BGU) identified the power consumption of its personal computers was a major energy sink, it sought energy-saving solutions to minimize the environmental and…
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Clalit Cuts Annual Carbon Emissions by Over 2000 Tons

Clalit Health Services, Israel’s largest HMO with 4 million members and 35,000 employees, reduced annual carbon emissions by over 2000 tons. There are few organizations whose array of personal computers (PCs) is as complex and varied as that of Clalit Health Services. Clalit’s 30,000 PCs are distributed across nearly 2000 locations, ranging from…
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