BGU Cuts PC Power Costs by Over 50% with PowerPlug Pro

The Customer:
Israel's 4th-largest university, with more than 20,000 students
The Challenge:
Cut PC power consumption in a highly diversified IT environment, while giving departmental IT administrators independence in tailoring saving plans for their users
50% decrease in PC power consumption in participating PCs. Annual carbon emission was reduced by over 250 tons

A leader in developing and implementing green technologies, when Ben Gurion University (BGU) identified the power consumption of its personal computers was a major energy sink, it sought energy-saving solutions to minimize the environmental and financial costs involved.
“We evaluated various solutions that employ different approaches to power savings.” Said Alon Goldin, BGU’s Head of IT. “We tried command and control software, various Microsoft tools, and a number of dedicated power management platforms.”
BGU’s diverse academic environment posed challenges for power management solutions. “There are dozens of departments and schools at a large university like BGU, meaning that there’s something going on on some PCs at all times. We can’t just shut computers down” continued Goldin. “Introducing power management software meant we would need complete control over when a PC would be powered down. Even if a user is not sitting by her PC, that PC may be running computations, simulations, data transfers or other processes that cannot be taken down. As an IT group, we also need 24/7 access to PCs, for support and software update purposes.”

Another requirement for rolling out PC power management at BGU was distributed management. Due to the different user activity profiles, each departmental IT administrator needed to be able to define and manage power savings for her own department or school, adapting a power savings policy that would best fit the needs of her end users and IT activities. At the same time, centralized reporting was needed to see the big picture – to monitor, understand and optimize the savings generated by the system.
“We selected PowerPlug Pro after thorough research and evaluation.” Added Goldin. “It answered our complex requirements for maintaining critical processes uninterrupted while achieving significant savings, and for letting us delegate management tasks to the administrators in different academic units. We verified the savings reported by PowerPlug Pro by carefully measuring and monitoring actual electricity use at our facilities. Moreover, PowerPlug’s dedication to the process and their extensive experience in saving power helped us tailor and tweaks our savings plans.”
PowerPlug Pro was deployed on both public computers (at libraries and classrooms) and private computers (staff and faculty PCs) at BGU. Even when not configuring savings during daytime, and applying a savings policy only after 17:00, BGU achieves savings of over 50% in PC electricity consumption, preventing over 250 tons of CO2 from being emitted to the atmosphere.

About Ben Gurion University

Home to 20,000 students, BGU is a leader in research in hi-tech, arid zone agriculture, solar energy, water resource management and other disciplines. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has taken on itself the responsibility to care for a cleaner and better quality environment as part of the project “Green Campus “, an initiative of the Ministry of Environmental Protection whose aim is to implement the subject of environmental quality in higher education institutions.