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Did you know PCs left to lie idle consume nearly 20 times more energy than ones in power-saving mode?

Now you can reduce your organization’s PC power consumption by up to 60% – without affecting user productivity or IT operations!

Slash PC energy consumption

It’s win-win! Our seamless platform can cut your IT electricity use in half. You save money AND reduce your carbon footprint.

Our contribution to the environment

Power Saved


1 kWh electricity generation emits 0.545 kg CO2

Cars Off The Road


Annual CO2 Emissions Generation by an Average Family car is 3000kg



One tree absorbs approximately 1,200 kg CO2 during its lifetime

24/7 uninterrupted IT operations

While the organization saves on electricity, IT can still run its day-to-day maintenance tasks without interference.

24/7 remote access to PCs

PowerPlug Pro features a unique Wakeup Portal that enables employees to power up their PCs anytime and from any connected device.


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