PowerPlug Pro

The most effective PC power management platform for cutting electricity costs

A PC in standby mode consumes nearly 20 times less energy (5 W/hour) compared to a PC that’s left to stand idle (90 W/hour). The catch is that when left in power-saving mode, employees cannot access the PC from home, nor can IT run any maintenance tasks on it. This is where PowerPlug Pro comes in.

PowerPlug Pro is a highly effective and simple-to-implement PC power management solution for mid to large size organizations. The platform requires only a single server and SQL database to manage and monitor the energy consumption of up to tens of thousands of PCs – leading to tremendous energy conservation, but without affecting employee productivity or disrupting day-to-day IT operations.

When it comes to power management, any one-size-fits-all solution is inefficient. For this reason, PowerPlug Pro installs a smart agent on every PC in the organization. This allows for centralized, highly flexible power management by the administrator.

A single PC consumes $100 worth of electricity a year. By simply installing PowerPlug Pro in your organization, you can reduce that cost to $40 to $60 a year. It’s that simple!